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Window Hardware

Blaine Hardware Supply provides over 30,000 window hardware parts either in stock or available to order. Our hardware team can determine what your current hardware is from your pictures and get you a price on replacement units - you can simply text in a window part to identify or email us with pictures. You can also view our online catalog or see what is currently available on our online store.

View our selection of window operators, tilt latches, pivot bars & spiral balances. Blaine Hardware Supply ships nationwide to all 50 states you can also add us on social media Twitter & Facebook.

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Free part identification services

Text in pictures

Text in quality pictures to (847)305-6372 and for faster response:

  • Take close up, quality photos of the part.
  • Make sure photos are not blurry or distorted.
  • Take several pictures of sides of part.
  • Include your name and number.

Email in pictures

You can contact us via email at [email protected] please make sure to include your name and phone number.

Once you e-mail in the part(s) to us please allow between 24-48 hours for processing and analyzing the pictures that you have sent in however most e-mails or texts are answered the same day, to contact us in other methods or for more information just click below.

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