Window Vent Stops

Window vent stops inhibit the upward movement of the lower sash. They are able to make hung windows significantly more secure. They were specifically designed for non-tilting and tilting double-hung and horizontal sliding versions of windows. These are typically vinyl windows. Many of the window vent stops have a snap-in design. This tends to make them work more effectively and fluidly.

window vent stopsThe window vent stops are typically located in the window channels several inches behind or above the window sash. The window vent stops will be fitted into the window channels. Replacing them is often a matter of prying out the old window vent stops and wedging the new window vent stops into the area that was designated for them.

Do you have broken window vent stops?

When window vent stops are working properly, there is a piece that will flip open as the window is raised in order to stop the window from being raised all the way. As people try to raise the window all the way, this piece will hold the window in place.

In some cases, the function of window vent stops could be considered relatively mundane. People will often open their windows a little bit during the summer in order to let in a little bit of fresh air or in order to balance out the temperature of their homes for free. The window vent stops will ensure that the windows are only going to open by a small margin, thus confirming that people are not going to open their windows too much.

People who leave their windows open by too large of a margin are going to be compromising their security to a certain extent. It’s easier to break into a home where the windows are open nearly all the way, especially because intruders are barely going to need to break anything in the process. Obviously, it is still possible to break into a home that has a lot of basic security measures and closed windows.

However, thieves are typically going to focus on the houses that are much easier to access, and a simple set of window vent stops and closed windows can certainly make their work significantly harder. This is often the sort of thing that can prevent a lot of household disasters.

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The window vent locks can make it harder for people to open the windows all the way from both the inside and the outside. This means that it will be harder for people to get into the house in the first place. It will also mean that it will be harder for them to leave, assuming that they used a different window in order to gain access to the house in the first place.

The window vent stops can be frustrating to deactivate, adding another step to the entire process and making things harder for the people who are ultimately looking for shortcuts. While the window vent stops that people will use and install appear to be fairly basic in terms of their design, they can accomplish a lot.

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