Handles & Covers

One of the more common items we sell are handles & covers for your current window operator. We have a wide variety of different styles, shapes, and spacing that fit a vast majority of manufacturers. Our covers and handles commonly come in colors such as white, bronze, beige, and gold but custom colors can be either manufactured or ordered direct.

We stock thousands of different window parts in our warehouse. We can ship anywhere in the US and Canada! Our team will easily identify the parts you need and get you a price by e-mail, text or by filling out a service request form for handles and covers on our website. We also provide many years of experience determining the right hardware for your window system.

Window Handles & Covers Common Issues

handles & covers
This is a bad window operator as you can see the worm gear is detached from the operator.

PLEASE NOTE: A common issue with handles does involve the worm gear coming loose (or completely detaching) from the body of the operator. If this situation happens the only solution is to replace the operator as your mechanism stripped out. We provide hundreds of different operators to solve this issue. We can also help you find new colors for your current handle and cover system if you need to swap them out just to change the color. >> Read more here.

Please view the photo to determine if this is the situation you face.

When it comes to the covers you may notice cracks or damage to the base of the plastic or metal after many years of use. Another common sight is a white cover’s color fading to a yellowish hue which can be easily swapped out and replaced with a new one if it detaches from the mechanism. Please keep in mind that not every operator has a detachable cover system! Some covers do not come off the body and in this situation, you would have to change your old operator out.

Buy Handle & Covers for Windows

Our handles & covers for windows fit a vast majority of manufacturers, by having us identify and figure out the ones that you need. You can also see some examples of what we offer in our online catalog or have us ship a free catalog out to you. If you do not find what you are looking for in our booklet, we may still stock the item! Our catalog only has a small sample of common items that we normally sell. If you do find an item in our catalog that you want to purchase, please write us a detailed description with your phone number and we will provide a quantity for you to be shipped to your home for a small fee. If you are in Illinois, you can stop by our shop during the week or make an appointment. Even if your window is 60 years old it might still be possible to find you a cover or handle system that will work in its place.

Need help? Contact Us!

We would be happy to help you identify the handle or cover that you need to fix your window. You can text in a photo to 847-305-6372 or fill out the form (and attach photos) below to be contacted by one of the team members from our company. Our team can figure out exactly what part you have and let you know if it is something we stock, can order, or can have custom manufactured for you & look forward to assisting you with any of your window related needs.