Sash Lifts & Pull Handles

Our sash lifts come in a wide assortment of styles, colors and lengths and we stock all the common as well as some of the hard to find pull handles that you may require. Common sash lifts have many colors to choose from such as: white, brass, polished nickel and oil rubbed bronze finishes. To determine what type of sash lift you require you will want to measure the mounting screw hole spacing from center to center.wood window sash lifts

You can take a look at the current design in your window or compare in our catalog or send over some pictures and we will figure out which one you require.

Sash Lifts & Pull Handle Designs

Designs can range from Hook, Bar handle, finger lift and flush mount. We stock many of the styles of window pulls and sash lifts that you may require for your windows. Remove your current Sash lift and bring it into our storefront for identification or measure the sash lift according to the picture seen above or send a few pictures over to our team and we will determine which one that you require.

Installing a new sash lift can be as easy as removing the original screws. You can take off the old broken or damaged part and screwing in the brand-new sash lift into the current slot (making sure to note that the screw holes line up for the new hardware is essential unless you are willing to drill new holes into your window) and securing your window. We stock nearly all the common and hard-to-find sash lifts & window pulls that are currently available and if we do not have the item in stock we can put it on order for you and get it from one of our vendors.

Our team will be happy to assist you! Simply give us a phone call for assistance. We also provide a picture text number, an e-mail address or view our catalog by clicking here.

Identify a Sash Lift or Pull Handle

Need help figuring out what sash lift or pull handle you need? Send us over some good pictures of your current hardware and one of our team members will figure out which one that would fit as a replacement. After submitting a picture please allow up to 48-72 hours for our team to identify and match up the hardware that you require.