bad window operator

Window gear pulled out with the handle?

Does your window operator itself appear to be rusted, damaged or stripped? You may have a broken window operator if your window gear pulled out with the handle itself. In determining the window operator you require when you require new hardware should be an easy decision. If you need a new handle or a new mechanism you can simply look at the handle or operator itself.

window gear pulled out with the handle
A bad operator as you can see the gear broke off / away from the mechanism.

If your handle has become detached from the base of the operator like in the photo. Notice how the gear has pulled out of the mechanism causing irreversible damage to the operating mechanism. This can happen from simple wear and tear, elements or from being forced closed. However, if this is not the case the gears inside the handle itself may have stripped out. Take a look inside the handle to check if the gears are worn down or damaged.

We supply hundreds of window operators.

Window operators come in many different shapes, colors, styles and from a multitude of different manufacturers. To determine which one that you require we will have to see some pictures of the operator to determine if it is in stock or available. If you would like to look thru some of our inventory we have a few common window operators in our online inventory or you can take look at our online catalog to compare operating units.

Signs of rust & grime in the operating gears may cause your unit to fail or become “stripped”. By looking at the gears themselves you may be able to judge if the operator is damaged, bent or if your window gear pulled out with the handle. Blaine Hardware can supply you or your company completely new mechanisms, handles and covers for your bad units. Give us a call or send over some pictures for assistance with replacement hardware parts and services.

Window gear pulled out with the handle? Handles & covers.

We supply in stock several types of handles and covers such as contour, folding and t-crank styles. We can help you figure out the style and color of the handles or covers. Take a couple pictures in good lighting so we can figure out what color and style that you need. Don’t live in Illinois? No problem we ship out window replacement parts nationwide every day to all 50 states.

Broken window operator? What we can offer you.

Our team supplies a multitude of assorted color options to pick from depending on the manufacturer brand that you require (custom manufactured colors for a variety of our operators). The colors include: white, bronze and gold and are common among the operating units that Blaine supplies.

When you provide us photos take a picture of the front of the operator and the arms of the operator. We need these pictures to determine which one you need since operators may look the same from a front picture only. The arms of the operating unit need to be identified accurately to work with your current window system.

We supply hundreds of assorted styles of window mechanisms and will try to help you with your obsolete or hard to find parts. Our team of part identification experts would be happy to assist you in figuring out what window operating unit that you need. Send over photos via text to our 847-305-6372 number, email us or use our part identify form on our website.