Window Operators

Window operators are the parts of a given window that control the opening and closing of windows, and they also hold the windows in place. There are lots of different window operators out there today. Most of them were designed for specific windows.

Casement Operators

Casement Operators: These are metal bars that will specifically hold casement windows in an open or a closed position. Casement windows have hinges on either side and open in an outward position on the left or right side.

  1. Dual Arm Entrygard Operator: This operator does two things at once, pulling the hinge side of the sash open while moving the window sash open.
  2. Ellipse Single Arm Operator: Operators like this use one bar in order to shift the window open and closed or to maintain its position.
  3. Fenestra Lever Operator: These window operators use an off-set down linkage arm.
  4. Getty Casement Operator: These window operators also use a mechanism involving a single bar.
  5. Dyad Operator: Operators like these use a bent and angled bar in order to achieve the opening, closing, or holding pattern.
  6. Dual Arm Operator: These operators use a p-shaped mechanism in order to shift windows open or closed.
  7. Split Arm Operator: Operators like these use a bar that is bent in two and that exists at an angle.

Awning Operators

Awning Operators: These window operators feature crisscrossed bars that can hold windows in around five different positions.

  1. Awning Pivot Shoe Operator: Awning operators like these use bars that are slightly curved outwards.
  2. Enhanced Awning Operator: These awning operators are somewhat reinforced structurally and materially.
  3. Awning Roto Gear Operator: These awning operators feature a diamond-shaped set of bars that offers positive sash control.

Skylight Operators

Skylight Operators: These are the window operators that are specifically designed for the skylight windows, which are positioned at the roof.

  1. Velux Skylight Operator: These operators are specifically designed for Velux skylights.
  2. Straight Drive Operator: These operators are applicable when pole operation is used.
  3. Angled Drive Operator: These operators are the best choice when a standard crank handle is used and the installations are easily accessible.
  4. Motorized Skylight Operator: These were designed for skylights that weigh up to ninety pounds and work using motorized equipment.

Jalousie Operators

  1. Jalousie Operators: These window operators were specifically designed to fit Jalousie windows and provide left-handed and right-handed operations.

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