Ultra Lift Window Balances

People will use ultra lift window balances for the window sashes that are much heavier. The moving part of the window needs to be easy enough for people to operate on a regular basis. However, many of them are going to be heavy enough that this can be challenging. An ultra lift window balance can help with these applications substantially.

Thanks to ultra lift window balances, the very heavy window sash is going to be that much easier for people to be able to move and operate themselves. The single pair capacity of some ultra lift window balance models will be around eighty pounds, and as a pair, people can expect them to support as much as one hundred and sixty pounds. As such, it should be possible for people to work with a wider range of windows when they have the right ultra lift window balance models themselves. They can have more control over which windows they actually want and which ones are going to work for the interior design that they have in mind.

ultra lift window balances

Buy Ultra Lift Window Balances

A lot of people will have the option of getting custom-built ultra lift window balances. This will tend to give them even more options. Some of these ultra lift window balances will lift up to seventy percent of the window sash weight or more, making them truly impressive in terms of what they can handle.

The ultra lift window balances will typically be made from steel, although they will usually have some sort of an exterior coating that they can also use for the sake of durability. The ultra lift window balances that people can use today will have a tendency to be designed with certain additional qualities in mind. They will be resistant to rusting, so they’ll last for longer and they’ll look better for an extended period of time. Many of the ultra lift window balances that are now available will have low friction properties as well.

If you require a replacement part, just send over a text to 847-305-3672 with a few pictures and measurements and we will identify the ultra-lift balance you have or alternatively you can send over a picture by our online web form.