Channel Balances

Selecting the proper channel balances for your window involves figuring out the type, size and weight class. You can get the weight and the size normally from the side of the channel balances which will be engraved or stamped into the actual metal. This number is important and sometimes you may have to clean off the dirt or grime on the balance to see the actual model number.

channel balances

channel balance end caps

Identify a Channel Balance

The next step to identify a channel balance is to send in photos of the end caps which come in many assorted styles (check image below for a few samples). We can special order other types of channel balance systems if they are not in stock and will be able to give you a cost and a lead time with a couple photos and the channel balance stamp code that is visible on the front.

Common reasons for requiring a new balance system involves windows that cannot move up and down smoothly as well as issues with the window staying up or not being able to close properly requiring the window to be “forced” shut. Your cost could be drastically lowered by replacing the broken or damaged hardware and can be a cost-effective alternative solution to costly brand-new windows.

We stock or can custom order many different styles of window balances such as but not limited to: channel balances, spiral balances (both 3/8ths and 5/8ths diameter) and ultra-lift balances. Don’t see what you need on our website or in our catalog? No problem! You can send in pictures by using our simple submit a window part form below.