Pivot Guides and Shoes

Pivot guides are also known as the pivot shoes or the balance shoes. The pivot bar of the window sits in the pivot shoe and the window balance hooks into the pivot shoe. While the mechanism by which a window moves up and down is complicated, the pivot shoe literally helps to encourage the window in an upward or downward direction, usually along a predetermined track. This occurs as part of a tilt window application.

If there is any drag when the window is in full operation, it is a good sign that the pivot shoe needs to be replaced. Of course, pivot shoes can also just break like any other part of the window. If they are even slightly broken, it is a good time to get them replaced. Slight breaks are still going to disrupt the normal functioning of all windows. It is generally a good idea to upgrade or replace the window balances if necessary as well, since window parts like these are going to wear out and get old eventually. There are some different types of pivot guides and shoes that people are going to recognize for different windows.

Awning Pivot Shoe: These are the pivot shoes that are specifically designed for the awning style of windows and the windows that use related parts and frameworks. They use similar construction elements as the awning parts and the awning style of windows in the first place.

Pressure Shoe: These shoes have an elongated bar that protrudes out of them as part of their own mechanism for moving a window up and down along its track. They tend to be more efficient at raising and lowering windows as a result, allowing people to move the windows up and down with less effort than it would take otherwise.

Recently Identified Pivot Shoes & Guides

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