Pair of Pivot Shoes Black Cam


One pair of the black cam pivot shoes for your double hung windows. The dimensions are 1 1/4 x 2 x 5/8 and these items connect to your window spiral balance rod to aid in opening your window and holding them up in that position.

2 Pivot shoes / Black cam

for double hung / tilt windows

(see pictures for measurements)

This is one pair total (two pieces) of the black cam style pivot shoe for double hung or tilt windows.

For a double hung window / tilt window a double hung window part (pivot shoe) if you require assistance on locating the exact pivot shoe or cam you require for your window you can always text in a photo to our picture identification line for support at 847-305-6372, call us at 708-343-8800 or just simply fill out a service form with pictures of the current pivot shoe / black cam in your window currently.


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