Window Parts

window balance

Window Balances

Double hung windows have sashes. The movable panels of the window are the sashes. The window balance is used to counter-balance the sash in order to maintain the sash’s upward position. These are essential to the function of a double hung.

window balances

Window Operators

A window operator or operating mechanism can make all the difference when it comes to opening and closing a window easily. Window balances and window operators more or less help work together in order to make windows both stable and usable.

tilt latch

Tilt Latches

The tilt latch is the part that unlocks the window sash mechanically and enables the sash to tilt inwards from the primary frame of the window. It’s a very small part that people have a tendency to operate without even really focusing on it.

pivot bar

Pivot Bars

The pivot bar is part of the pivot system. It allows the sash of the window to rotate inward, and it is part of the bottom corner of the operable sash.

sash lock

Sash Locks

A lock that is designed to pull the rails of a window together tightly enough that when it is active, the window is going to be completely sealed.

pivot guide

Pivot Guide

The pivot guide, or pivot system, attaches the window sash to the window balance. The sash and the frame are perfectly aligned as a result.

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casement operators

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