Patio Handles and Keepers

Need window replacement parts such as patio handles and keepers? Our company currently stock hundreds of different patio handles and keepers (A keeper is the part on a window or patio door that the lock or latch hooks into to secure it and the corresponding piece to your lock or latch). Our team can identify the one you have from a photo just supply a text, e-mail or submit a form online with a picture of your current hardware so we can match it up for you.

handles and keepers

Patio Handles and Keepers

Want to browse thru our inventory of replacement hardware? Just open our online catalog that offers a small selection of popular parts that we have in stock or can put on order for you. Our handles and keepers fit a wide variety of both vinyl and aluminum style windows and have many different finishes such as Bronze, Aluminum, White and Silver. Our company also provides many custom handle colors as well for both windows and patio doors.

Send us over a text message with your current part for quick identification we ship all our handles and keepers via USPS priority mail nationwide. Do you know what you need and are ready to order? You can give us a phone call 8 am – 5 pm CST by calling our storefront at 708-343-8800.

Recently Identified Patio Handles & Keepers