Tilt Latches

Tilt latches are the portion of the window that causes the window sash to be locked or unlocked and allows the sash to angle itself inside from the window’s primary frame. This is one of the window parts that people probably operate most commonly. These are also window parts that need to be replaced relatively frequently, at least compared with other types.

Since they’re used a lot, they are subject to a great deal of wear and tear. Many tilt latches are made with plastic, which makes them very fragile. When it comes to internal tilt latches, people are often going to need a replacement that is nearly exact. An internal tilt latch can be replaced with surface mount tilt latches in some cases. The majority of the tilt latches that people find on the market are going to be the internal type, which tend to form the basis for most of this market niche.

Internal Tilt Latch: These kinds are not externally visible on the window frame. Specifically, they are hidden inside the window sash. The visible part is the small slider that is located on top of the window sash. The person using the window slides open that small slider, which will then unhook the latch, and the window sash will angle itself inward accordingly.

Slide-In Tilt Latch: Parts like these have the advantage of being mechanisms that use only one piece. As such, they are less likely to break, since they have fewer mechanical parts. At the top of the window sash, there is an opening, and slide-in tilt latches snap inside that opening.

Surface Mount Tilt Latch: These are very low-profile hardware parts. They are installed by being screwed onto the top portion of the window sash, but they are not flush with it.

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