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Want To Replace Your Antique Wood Window Parts?

Windows are actually expensive if you check into antique wood window parts but their vintage effect never gets old. The designs are usually based on antique originals and you can even get your own exclusive designs custom built. They are said to restore stylish decor to your house and you should keep updating the old parts with new ones, because they’re safer and serve modern functionality. So basically, only the look is vintage not the window’s basic functions.

Antique Wood Window Parts

Since these windows cost a heavy amount, the same way their parts are a bit expensive than the normal windows. Here are some tips on how you should replace their parts:

1.    Search Online:

When you search online for something online, your mind gets occupied with a lot of questions. So firstly, you need to clear your mind and look for the right part to match your vintage window. You cannot just add any part from any vintage collection of windows. It has to be thoroughly checked before you can order or buy it. Searching for the right store and the right part is the key. And you certainly do not want to make haste in this regard or you’ll be stuck with awkward windows.

2.    Check with Different Stores:

You’re not just bound to check with stores online. Vintage windows especially have to be checked thoroughly before spending money on them, so you might as well want to drive to a hardware store to make sure they look like what you saw in the pictures. While checking with the stores, online or by walking into a store, also check if they have a hardware specialist. Some stores offer sales at times, you it’s important that you keep an eye out for them. Even the window latch of a vintage window is costly so it is advisable to check with a store which offers a warranty.

3.    The Right Part:

Choosing the right part for your window is like choosing what to wear for the right occasion. Therefore, the right part makes a lot of difference to the outlook of your window. Such as, an Antique set of casement latches, Antique window fasteners, window crank and Antique Madras Transom Receivers make a lot of difference to the look of not just your window but to the whole room. Therefore check with the warranty and the return time that they offer before purchasing anything.

4.    Calling in a Professional:

Now the most important question after purchasing the window part is that, can you replace it yourself? Vintage window parts are sometimes tricky to handle and fixing them in yourself. Because of its design, it is suggested that it should be replaced with care or either hire a hardware store professional. The service can be availed easily. You can check with the store’s service online and call them in, or you can ask the store management (from where you bought the parts) for their services.

Antique wood window parts are not quite rare in today’s time, but there are very few stores who offer genuine products. It’s better to check properly before purchasing or paying them.