Obsolete patio door hardware

Obsolete patio door hardware replacement parts

Patio Door Hardware

Patio doors, also known as sliding or gliding doors, are doors opened by gliding horizontally. One is an operating panel, with the other remaining as a stationery panel. This door is meant for use in homes or building with limited space, hence fit in tighter spaces unlike using the hinged doors. The good to this door is that they do not interfere with the home’s interior or exterior space. It is also important to understand that some parts might be obsolete patio door hardware of this delicate door, and you may require a specialist in order not to tamper with its configurations.

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    Patio Door Handles

    Patio handles come in pairs and can either be locking or unlocking, tilt or sliding styles. Either of the styles, comes complete with spindle and fixing bolts. They are easily reversible making them easily fitted to the left or right handled doors.

    Patio Dead Locks

    This simple and effective device, is compatible with sliding doors and windows hence stopping any security breach into the home. A good to these locks is that they can be easily be owned by pets, hence allow their easy access into the home. Common types of deadbolts include; single cylinders, keyless or electronic deadbolts, double cylinder locks and single sided bolts.

    Patio Sliding Door Rollers

    bad patio door roller
    A sample of a bad patio door roller that needs to be replaced.

    Coming with fixing bolts and screws, the wheels and sliders fit in aluminum and UPVC doors. When fitting them, it is advisable to have an extra hand in order to lift the patio door. However, you need to have done some research on the best wheels for your door as they come as double patio door rollers, single wheels, caterpillar patio roller replacement and top and bottom wheels.

    Auxiliary Foot Locks

    They are basically used to provide some extra security, after the sliding door is in position. Locks can be set and fully closed providing an extra secure venting. However, they should be fitted before the door is erected on the entrance.

    UPVC Gaskets and Double Glazing Seals

    Gaskets and seals are vital in preventing moisture, drafts or cold from getting into the home through the door. There are bubble gaskets and flipper gaskets that aid in the easy movement of the sliding doors. However, it’s always advisable to first identify the best gasket before purchasing the required meters. Examples include the Reddiplex Bubble gasket, 6 mm wedge compression back gaskets, Reddiplex Flipper gasket among many others.

    Patio Drive Gears

    The drive gear contains the cast that enables the door to fully lock when closed. It contains the item part number and usually uses a tilt and slide mechanism. It can be fit easily to fit on the sliding door.

    Patio Door Care and Maintenance

    Only clean the door using mild soap and clean water. Chemicals are most likely going to affect the paint, polishes or furnish on the doors. The patio wheels and gliders should be oiled, to prevent friction on the drive gears, seals and gaskets.

    Obsolete Patio Door Hardware

    It also important to stick with only one brand when it comes to purchasing obsolete patio door hardware replacement parts. Although it’s hard to notice the difference when it comes to brands, it does not necessarily mean that the parts will work smoothly, if two brands are used on the door.