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How To Find Old Window Parts Online?

Windows are as important as the doors and the walls of any house or building. They serve an important purpose, without which you would have troubles with not just the appearance of your house, but also with the weather, etc. The way each component makes a house, the same way, each window part makes a window. Windows serve a complete mixture of beauty and function to your house. If you’re having trouble and need to find old window parts for your windows, look closely to check that which is the part that you need to replace, rather than replacing the whole window itself. If you can’t make out what that part is called, or what to do with it, then here are some tips on how to look for them online:

1. Renovators:

To find out about the companies who serve to fix your windows, look for renovators or window replacement companies. I would suggest you go for renovators because they would only charge you for the hardware that you need and a little for their service. You don’t have to know the name of the hardware or window part to call them over. Just give them a ring and they would come over to check which part needs replacing. It can be a window latch, casement, frame, window crank, hanging fasteners, etc. So instead of getting the whole window replaced, just get the damaged part fixed.

2. Repairing Stores:

The perks of living in modern time are that you can receive anything and almost everything at your doorstep, even if it is a service or a delivery. While you’re searching, look for some repairing stores online and you’ll be surprised to find the number of services some stores have to offer. Some repairing stores provide the window parts names online and by identifying your window part, you can call them in for their service.

3. Find Old Window Parts:

Another perk of modern times is that you can search for things even if you don’t know the exact name. Bless the internet! If you don’t have the name then you can find old window parts by either: texting in a photo to us, conveniently submitting a photo to identify a window part online or looking at images of certain parts. Once you acknowledge the name of the old window part and you think you can manage fixing it yourself, then you can pick it up yourself from any hardware store or you can order it online or view a catalog.

4. New Parts, Old Windows:

Some windows are antique in their own way and you never want to change them. Therefore, some parts, such as the window screen, window fasteners and window latch are easily replaceable on old windows even. You just have to find the ones that match your windows so that it doesn’t look odd. Such parts are simple and effective so it’s better not to ignore their function.

It would be better if you find old window parts yourself online, rather than depending on the renovators to name them for you. And it is advisable that you check with the quality rating of the store before you order the window part. However, at Blaine Hardware Supply we can check our inventory and see if we have it in stock, we ship out nationwide to all 50 states. Just text in a window part or fill out the simple form below!

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